gscontrol_raw(catd, optcom, n_echos, io_generator, dtrank=4)[source]

Remove global signal from individual echo catd and optcom time series.

This function uses the spatial global signal estimation approach to to removal global signal out of individual echo time series datasets. The spatial global signal is estimated from the optimally combined data after detrending with a Legendre polynomial basis of order = 0 and degree = dtrank.

  • catd ((S x E x T) array_like) – Input functional data

  • optcom ((S x T) array_like) – Optimally combined functional data (i.e., the output of make_optcom)

  • n_echos (int) – Number of echos in data. Should be the same as E dimension of catd

  • io_generator (tedana.io.OutputGenerator) – The output generator for this workflow

  • dtrank (int, optional) – Specifies degree of Legendre polynomial basis function for estimating spatial global signal. Default: 4


  • dm_catd ((S x E x T) array_like) – Input catd with global signal removed from time series

  • dm_optcom ((S x T) array_like) – Input optcom with global signal removed from time series