Support and communication

All bugs, concerns and enhancement requests for this software can be submitted here:

If you would like to ask a question about tedana-specific usage or tedana’s outputs, please submit a question to NeuroStars with the tedana tag.

If you would like to ask a general question about multi-echo fMRI, please submit it to NeuroStars with the multi-echo tag.

Note: All previous tedana-related questions are available under the multi-echo tag.

We will also attempt to archive certain common questions and associate answers in the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page.

Internal Communication Pathways

There are multiple mechanisms for development-related communication, which can lead to confusion. Here we attempt to clarify when and how each communication pathway should be used:

  • GitHub Issues and Pull Requests: Issues and PRs should be the main avenue of communication for questions and proposals related to tedana’s development.

  • Monthly Newsletter: The monthly newsletter is used to make announcements from the tedana developers to the tedana users. Discussions that start in Issues or PRs may move to the newsletter if they are news-worthy.

  • NeuroStars: The NeuroStars forum is to be used by tedana users to ask questions about how to use tedana. tedana’s developers may answer usage questions on NeuroStars, but development-related discussions should happen in GitHub Issues and PRs.

  • Mattermost: There is a tedana channel in the BrainHack Mattermost. This is primarily used for online discussions during BrainHack-related hackathons (for example, the annual OHBM hackathon), if and when there is a tedana-related project. We also use this channel to redirect to existing Issues and PRs, whether open or closed.