denoise_ts(data, mmix, mask, comptable)[source]

Apply component classifications to data for denoising.

  • data ((S x T) array_like) – Input time series

  • mmix ((C x T) array_like) – Mixing matrix for converting input data to component space, where C is components and T is the same as in data

  • mask ((S,) array_like) – Boolean mask array

  • comptable ((C x X) pandas.DataFrame) – Component metric table. One row for each component, with a column for each metric. Requires at least one column: “classification”.


  • dnts ((S x T) array_like) – Denoised data (i.e., data with rejected components removed).

  • hikts ((S x T) array_like) – High-Kappa data (i.e., data composed only of accepted components).

  • lowkts ((S x T) array_like) – Low-Kappa data (i.e., data composed only of rejected components).